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About CBPU

CBPU specializes in theoretical and practical development
of people as individuals, team members and managers.
CBPU works globally and teach in Danish and English.

CBPU employs a large number of project staff, consultants and instructors. 

We are situated in Aarhus, Denmark.
CBPU works with more than 300 companies and organizations in both the public and the private sector.

CBPU is cooperating with Ree Park, which is a Safari Park in Ebeltoft where we conduct our training on the savanna among the wild animals or in Afrika at our Karen Blixen Camp in Kenya.
CBPU teaches at several Business Colleges.
In this connection, we teach in meritorious educations,
which among other things, can provide VEU-reimbursement for eligible participants.

CBPU cooperate with Kystvejens Hotel & Conference Centre about conducting Organisational training, meetings and events for the hotel clients as well as for CBPU clients.
CBPU also cooperate with Mr. Bob Berkowitz, from
New York, who is an expert in Communication Strategies.

CBPU has close cooperation with one of the leading psychologist houses in Denmark for professional support.
CBPU exclusively offers a collective accident insurance,
which covers fortuitous accidents during our sessions.
CBPU is member of the board of BFTL
(Trade association for Teambuilding and Management training).

About Carsten Brandt

Carsten Brandt started his professional career as
army officer, and was posted as military commander
of a NATO unit at the Balkans.
After his military career, he was employed by
Coca-Cola, where he was dealing with sales and
marketing on emplyee and management
level for 11 years.
Subsequently, he worked as consultant and
operations manager at Carsten Mørch Kurser A/S,
for many years.
In 2001, Carsten Brandt established the Consultancy
Carsten Brandt PersonaleUdvikling.
Carsten Brandt is chairman of BFTL
(Trade association for Teambuilding and
Mangement training).
Concurrently, with his professional career,
Carsten Brandt is still active in international top sports,
as member of the Danish Olympic team in rifle shooting.
Carsten Brandt both holds an unofficial world record
and 6 Danish records.
Until now, Carsten has won 65 Danish Championships.
Carsten Brandt is also racing driver and mental coach for several sports teams and elite athletes. 
Furthermore, he is an active skydiver.