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 The CBPU Concept

  CBPU has developed a simple and operational
  concept consisting of 6 phases:  M - R - P - R - O - F.

  The concept ensures optimum focus on follow-up
  and retainment as well as it ensures implementation
  in the everyday life.



Purpose and goal for the development
process is defined.
Examination of current stage of development.
Based on tests, analysis and interviews.
The goal of the process is presented to the
participants and expectations are attuned.
This is the phase for visualisation and training.
We distinguish between the following:
Inspiration and "pep talks" e.g.: "
How to create a Winner Attitude Company"
One day activities and events:
Inspirational activity (lasts from 3 to 12 hours).
We will work with motivation and inspiration.
Activities with indoor accomodation.
Theories will be presented and later tested in practice.
After each activity, there will be time for feedback.
Seminars consists of app. 50 % theory and 50 % practice.
Duration from 2 to 5 days in Denmark or abroad.
Activities will primarily be outside.
Theories are followed by exercises
and subsequently feedback.
Each course is approx. 25 % theory and 75 %
practice. Duration from 3 to 7 days in Denmark or abroad.
Overview & evaluation:
An action plan is drawn up based on the
experiences gained in the realization process.
A structured and targeted plan forretainment
and implementation is prepared and initiated.
Adjustments will be made along the way to
ensure continuously development