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     Group and teambuilding


Today, it is substantial requirement that everybody,
in an organization, works towards common goals and
responsabilities. In order to do so, it is a necessity
that the people function at an optimum.

It is also a fact, that poor well-being is one of the main
reasons for increasing absenteeism, high rate of staff
turnover, low productivity and conflicts.

Elements as teamwork, collaboration across the
departments, communication, conflict management
and respect and understanding for differences among
the employees, are competences which requires both
education and practical training.

Group and teambuilding
CBPU´s work with development is based on the
MRPROF concept. CBPU offers both theoretical
as well as practical training in the required and
relevant competences.
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CBPU Team Analysis
CBPU offers an analysis, which anonymously indicates
how the group interacts based on the following:

¤ Group cohesion
¤ Vulnerability towards external threats
¤ Level of conflicts in the group
¤ Group focus on reaching goals and results

The Team Analysis can be obtained on a licens
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CBPU offers certified team coaching.

CBPU has a formalised collaboration with
Carsten Mørch, who is one of todays most
used speakers in Denmark.
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