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     Personal Development




We live in the Extreme Age.
Globalization requires us to be more productive at work,
more educated, more flexible and more tolerant.

Therefore, it is often a challenge to reconsile work and
private life as we often disregard our own needs and
personal development and consider others instead.

A wise man once said, that more than 90 % of what
we do is for our personal gain.

However, the fact is, that today many people  do not
live the life they wish for, and therefore the need for
personal development is essential, so one can
enjoy life and act out his/her dreams.

Elements which increase self-insight,
strengths, development areas, hidden potentials,
collaboration skills, communication, conflict- and
stress management and respect for diversities
are competences which requires both
attention and practical training.

Personal development
The personal development course is based on
the MRPROF concept, developed by CBPU.
The concept offers both theoretical and practical
training in the personal competences.
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Personal coaching
CBPU offers certified personal coaching.

CBPU has a formalised collaboration with
Carsten Mørch, who is one of todays most
used speakers in Denmark.
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