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    Management Development




Today, there are substantial requirements
for managers and leaders, in regards to
change readiness, flexibility and increased
insight in the "soft" areas.
All this to be able to develop and maintain
the competent and responsible employees.

Elements as visible management, conflict
management, coaching and cooperation skills
are competences which  requires both
education and practical training.

Management and leadership development
CBPU work with management and leadership
development based on the concept, MRPROF, and
offers both theoretical and practical training in the,
for the assignment, relevant competences.
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Train the trainer
CBPU also offers an Organizational Trainer
Education (Train the trainer), where key
figures from the organization will be educated
and trained in parts of practical courses for
leaders and  employees, with subsequent
follow-up and maintaining.
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CBPU offers certified management coaching.

CBPU has a formalised collaboration with
Carsten Mørch, who is one of todays most
used speakers in Denmark.
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