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Organizational development



CBPU offers complete organizational development.
We participate in both the strategic and tactical
phase as ell as the operational part of the course.

In cooperation with the management and HR
department, we put together a strategic plan for the
course, which ensures maintaining of competent
managers and employees, reduces absenteeism,
increased well-being at work and competence
development via a meritorious education.

Organizational development
CBPU´s work with organizational development is based
on the concept, MRPROF. For instance, we offer a 3-year
education and development course wth optimum focus
on implementation and measuring results.
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Job Satisfaction survey
CBPU offers a Job Satisfaction survey, which
indicates, where the employees and managers
find themselves in relation to:
Company reputation   
Job satisfactory
Organizational development
Goal and strategy dissemination
Physical / psychological work environment
The survey can be obtained on a licens
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Employment and recruitment
 CBPU participates in employment
and recruitment processes.
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External education
CBPU offers, in collaboration with the Management
Academy, Aarhus Business College and Business
College Syd meritorious - and compency education.

CBPU has a formalised collaboration with
Carsten Mørch, who is one of todays most
used speakers in Denmark.
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