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       We live in a world, where globalization and
       change are becoming an increasingly important
       part of everyday life.
       That means that demand for developing and
       maintaining skills are even more important
       than ever before.
       At CBPU, we develop people in large and
       small organizations. 
      We focus on four core areas:
  • Organizational development
  • Management and leader development
  • Group and team development
  • Personal development
       Our motto is - From Words to Action.

       We have specialized in organizational education
       and training leaders and employees for
       operationalizing leading theories of skill

The theories are vitalized and made operational,
and in close cooperation with the clients.
Theories are transformed to practical exercises.

The process wil focus on implementation and maintenance.
We often use nature as our "training course".
It is our experience that strenghts and
development areas re revealed, when
away from safe and secure surroundings,.
These new skills can be transferred to everyday life.
Reaction patterns, when you put the participants
under stress, uncertainty and consequence in
the training session, are often identical with
the every day behavior.

CBPU is member of Clck here to vissit The Trade Association for Team Building and Leadership Training